Notes to letter writer:

  1. Students should send this letter to the right person, such as an ADA coordinator, Disability Services Coordinator, or Section 504 Coordinator.

  1. Students are not required by law to make a reasonable accommodations request in writing. Requests can be made orally.  However, we recommend that they be made in writing.

  1. When a student requests a reasonable accommodation in writing, the student should keep a copy.


School’s Address

Date of Letter

Dear _________:

I was recently accepted (or: I am applying) as a student here at ______ (fill in school’s name). I am writing to formally request a reasonable accommodation for my disability under ______ (choose one or both: “federal” and/or “state”) laws governing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.  I have ______ (fill in disability) and, as a result, I have limitations in ______ (state type of tasks or activities affected by your disability; for example, “processing auditory information,” “use of my arms/legs,” or “reading printed class materials.”) Therefore, I will need accommodations in order to ______ (state task or activity for which you need accommodation; for example, “participate in class,” “attend class in buildings without elevators,” or “access class materials.”

From my experience with my disability, I know that _____ (state possible solution, for example, “sitting at the front of the classroom,” “attending class via video conference,” “being allotted more time for exams,” or “using a sign language interpreter”) would be a sufficient accommodation.  However, I am open to other solutions that you may suggest.  I also would be willing to meet with you to discuss other options.

If you would like medical verification of my disability, I can provide you with the appropriate documents upon your request. (Alternatively, “I have attached medical documentation verifying my disability.”)

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I would appreciate a response to this letter within one week so that I can be successful in my studies.  I look forward to cooperating with you to find an effective solution.

Thank you,

Student’s Signed and Printed Name

Student’s Mailing Address and Phone Number


Download a word version here: Sample-Reasonable-Accommodation-Letter-Higher_Ed.