In Delaware, adult citizens have a right to vote in elections.   This includes persons with disabilities, even those with guardians.   Only a judge can remove the right of a person with a disability to vote based on a written order that clearly states that the person’s mental disability prevents use of basic voting judgment.

You should register to vote as soon as you turn 18 (or before, if you will be 18 on the date of the next General Election) if you want to exercise this important right.  You can register to vote:

  • At any Department of Elections Office for your county;
  • At a mobile registration site;
  • By calling an Elections Office and have a registration form mailed to you;
  • At the Motor Vehicle Office or a Social Service Office; or
  •  Online at:

Good to know!  If you are a Delaware voter but are unable to go to your polling place to vote because you are a student away from home, you can apply for an absentee ballot.  An absentee ballot allows you to vote by mail or electronically, instead of going in person to cast your vote.  You can learn more at and you can apply for your absentee ballot at

You can learn more about voting for people with disabilities at: and